V8 Ranger 


Truck Wiring Harness-1991 Ranger Engine Harness

3 Wire Plug By Computer3 Wire Plug By Power Distribution Box4 wire plug by master cylinder4 wire plug on inter fender by master cylinder 7 wire plug on inter fender by P/S pump connector # C116
Green white go to gray / black from VSS +Red / blue runs starter solenoid +Red / green runs + ignition and EEC from switchPink / black runs + fuel pumpOrange / black HEGO power +
Orange / yellow go to pink / orange from VSS -Yellow EEC power fussed feed +Brown / yellow tach triggerBlack / white runs - fuel pumpWhite / red oil pressure
Purple runs ACBlack / yellow fuel pump fused feed +Green from brake light switch +Pink / orange from VSS -Black / blue water temp sensor
  Brown / red runs check engine lightGray / black from VSS +White / pink Low oil light
    Pink starter feed from switch +
    Purple / orange reverse light feed +
    Black / purple Reverse light load +